Vision of Clean My PCO

I’m Tim and I’ve been a church IT Director at a “mega” church for enough years to know that churches have a data problem.

To bring it closer to home, MY data team had a problem and I wanted to solve it.

With six figures of people in our Planning Center database, we had a lot of messy data. By messy, I mean incomplete, outdated, inaccurate…sometimes even funny. Apparently, John the Baptist attends our church. ☺


Data cleanup is hugely important. Inaccurate data means:

  • People don’t hear about the great things you’re doing.
  • You waste money on postage.
  • Reports to leadership are inaccurate.
  • Communicating with givers to update their credit card can’t happen.
  • Checking in on people with pastoral needs hits a roadblock. They think we don’t care.
  • Bad data clutters your database making it harder to find the good data that you’re looking for.

My data team has a ton of work that doesn’t involve data cleanup. I call it offense vs. defense. Offense is moving our ministry forward. Defense is fixing what is broken.

I want my team playing offense far more than defense.

I created Clean My PCO in my spare time to help my team. Not surprising, I found that other churches have the same problem, so I made it into an app for other churches.


When you Google the costs of data cleanup, 2 words come to mind: Sticker Shock. $1 per record or more isn’t uncommon!!

My app is a fraction of that cost….between 1/100 and 1/50 the cost, on average.

And the best part? It works in the background. Much of the work is done without any involvement from you. That means you concentrate on the higher level “offensive” work.

I’ve spent a lot of time watching every piece of data that comes in so that the app is trained correctly. As we build those features, I’m very aware that you want to decide what your data looks like. That’s why every feature can be turned off or on.


The 3 biggest blessings in my life
The 3 biggest blessings in my life

I love Jesus and I love His Church. I’m a member of a church staff, I’m a volunteer, and my wife and I are PASSIONATE about fostering and adopting. We have 2 amazing children that God uses to teach me about myself.

I’ve been creating church tech for a long time because I not only understand, but I live the needs of the church. Another one of my apps…Core Motivations.

Send me questions, comments, thoughts, prayer requests…anything.