Reaching People Starts
With Clean Data.

Clean My PCO verifies and cleans your Planning Center People data.
Then, it harnesses the power of Planning Center to help you correct the errors.

Accurate Data = Growth

When a new person attends (praise God), your #1 goal (besides finding Jesus) is to get them to return, right? Often, that’s done through followup, and followup requires accurate information in PCO.

Accurate, up-to-date data also allows you to supply your leadership with more accurate reports, increases your e-mail open rate, reduces postal mail waste, and keeps you connected to your attenders. When you connect with your attenders well, your church grows.

Accurate data literally pays for itself! And there’s plenty of proof. [CHECK THIS OUT]


How Clean My PCO Works

Clean My PCO supercharges Planning Center People to keep your data clean and accurate. First, PCO sends records to us for examination and cleaning. Second, using Planning Center lists and workflows, we alert ministry leaders within 24 hours of issues that need human eyes.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of Clean My PCO.

How We Verify The Data

When a record is added or changed in your Planning Center database, it also comes to Clean My PCO, where we:

  • Check the address against the United States Postal Service database and make appropriate changes
  • Verify that the e-mail address is valid
  • Format the first and last name
  • And much more!

We then send the data back to your PCO database for updating. All this happens without any involvement from you.


What People Are Saying



@Grace Community Church

“It’s been working flawlessly. It’s so helpful to not have to manually format names, address, or phone numbers.”



@Rolling Hills Community Church

“The webinar was fantastic and we’re already loving what we’ve seen so far with the product since we signed up.”



@United Church

“We love it! I can’t tell you how happy we are this has finally launched!”


  • PCO Database size: Up to 1,000 people

$19 / month


  • PCO Database size: 1,001-5,000 people

$29 / month


  • PCO Database size: 5,001-30,000 people

$39 / month

Extra Large

  • PCO Database size: 30,001- 70,000 people+

$79 / month

**Price based on monthly automatic withdrawal by credit card.
+For churches with more than 50,000 records, click the Contact Us link at the top of the page to get your custom price.

Clean My PCO Pays for Itself

Keeping your database clean and accurate can be tedious and time consuming. If Clean My PCO eliminates 1 hour per month of database management, the app more than pays for itself. (You’ll get a lot more ROI than just 1 hour)

It also significantly cuts down on postal mail waste. And soon, we will roll out features that allow you to reach more of your people even if the data isn’t in PCO!