Bulk Records Cleanup

Clean My PCO can clean your entire PCO database for a one-time cost. And, you get up to 3 months of our Clean My PCO monthly service.

How Bulk Cleaning Works

The Clean My PCO monthly service cleans all records as they are created or changed but doesn’t look at unchanged records already in your database.

Bulk cleaning uses the same cleaning engine as our monthly service. It verifies and cleans all data and gives you a list of all changed records. We also flag records that need your attention—those that have invalid phone numbers, e-mail, or postal mail addresses.

And best of all, we write them to a workflow in PCO so you have an organized way of addressing the errors as you have time.


Up To 2 Months of Clean My PCO Free

When we bulk clean your PCO database, you get up to 2 free months
of our monthly service free so you can be sure that your database
will remain spotless for 2 months after the cleaning.

Spend $600 or more on bulk cleaning for 2 months free. 1 month free for $200-$599 of spend.


Our bulk cleaning service is charged by the record. Use the calculator to see your cost.

Note: Minimum charge of $59 for databases of less than 1,000 records.

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