It’s Simple Because we do the Work

Clean My PCO is designed to be an invaluable took that you don’t have to manage. For that reason, your job in all of this is to simply grant us access and answer a few questions. 

Step 1

We send you a confidentiality agreement saying that anything we see or hear, we will not talk about or share.

Step 2

We’ll ask you to set up a few custom fields in your PCO People database. We have an instruction sheet and video for you to follow.

Step 3

Remember — Clean My PCO only flags the inaccurate data. It does not directly communicate with your attenders. If you would like us to set up the list, workflows, and automations to help you keep your data clean, we will charge you a one-time fee of $199 to do that. Otherwise, you can do that yourself.

Step 4

We add you to our daily prayer list.